Dental Smiles


Make Dental Smiles Your “Main Dentist”

During open enrollment, you were given an opportunity to choose a “Main Dentist” where your child would receive all their dental benefits. If during that time you did not choose a “Main Dentist” one was assigned to you.

What is a Main Dentist?

A Main Dentist can be a General Dentist or a Pediatric Dentist who will oversee your child’s dental care. Your child’s ID card includes the name of their Main Dentist and their phone number. Please call them to schedule a dental visit. Your child can start seeing a Main Dentist as early as 6 months of age.

If you would like to be a patient at Dental Smiles and make us your “Main Dentist” switching is easy. Simply begin the process by calling your current plan and give them the Dental Smiles office number and name of the “Main Dentist” that you have chosen.

Call one of our offices and we can assist you in making the switch today!!

Dentaquest - Medicaid: 1(800) 516-0165 · CHIP: 1(800) 508-6775

MCNA - Medicaid or CHIP: 1(855) 691-6262
(Monday - Friday, 8am - 7pm Central Time, excluding national holidays).